I have a family history of Stroke – Can I get income protection?

Having a family history of stroke can affect your premiums and all types of cover. All providers will ask a family history question which will relate to your immediate family only so parents, brothers and sisters. And they are only concerned if the family member had the condition before the age of 65.

When you have an Assessment with us, we will take the time to research your medical history. We do this by collating and analysing your medical history, package it intelligently for insurers and re-insurers, and then negotiate terms across the entire insurance market.

For an accurate assessment of cost, we will need the following from you:

• How many relatives had a stroke?
• Which relatives had a stroke?
• What age did they have a stroke?
• Due to having a family history of stroke, your height and weight will also be assessed as well as your smoker status.
• Do you have any other related condition such as diabetes or high blood pressure?

Client scenario

Ms S, a 31-year-old and is self-employed, she is concerned that should she be unable to work due to illness or injury she would have financial difficulties keeping up with her mortgage payments.

She is concerned as her mother and sister both had strokes before the age of 40. She is in very good health and has no pre-existing medical conditions, she does not smoke and her height and weight is within normal range.

After speaking with all the providers – some providers were looking to charge as much as 75% for all covers this means that your premium quoted would almost double once and an assessment of application has been made. The high street providers were very apprehensive as the client’s relatives were both under the age of 40 and the client is under 40.

So, we went to a niche provider who was able to offer the cover at standard rates meaning her premium would not increase. Without taking her family history into account the niche provider was one of the more expensive polices, however after taking her medical history into account they were the most competitive.

Quote details £2,500 monthly benefit until the age of 70 with a 6 month waiting period

Provider Rating – extra charge for family history as percentage of the whole premium Reason for extra charge Premium Quoted as at 09/06/2020 Expected Final Premium after Family History taken into account
Provider 1 75% extra 2 relatives with stroke under 40 £55.43 £97.00
Provider 2 50% extra 2 relatives with stroke under 40 £86.41 £129.61
Provider 3 (Niche) Standard rates n/a £74.22 £74.22
Provider 4 75% extra 2 relatives with stroke under 40 £59.70 £104.47
Provider 5 50% extra 2 relatives with stroke under 40 £60.58 £90.87
Provider 6 25% extra 2 relative stroke under 40 £64.25 £80.31
Provider 7 75% extra 2 relatives with stroke under 40 £82.95 £145.16
Provider 8 100% extra/decline Due to covid 19 they can’t accept polices with a rating of over 75% so they would decline at this moment £75.33 declined
Provider 9 75% extra 2 relatives with stroke under 40 £65.25 £114.18
Provider 10 55% n/a £77.08 £119.57

It is clear from this client scenario the importance of getting advice and how we can save you money and time.

The Result

After seeing the following results from a comprehensive range of insurers our client was very happy to see that had she gone online and applied for the cheapest policy it would have cost £20 more per month until she retired at age 70.

Please note: that the premiums provided are indicative only and based on this specific case study/ example, which is shown for information purposes only. Your own circumstances will determine whether the amount payable is more or less than the figure quoted.